Cyberneticist Arsenin, accompanying a Recultivation Regiment's recon squad.

His panoptic helmet lets him see wavelengths invisible to humans, and grants him eyes in the back of his head, literally. After the improvements, the percentage of wearers afflicted with God complex fell considerably, but the helmet is still not deemed safe for general use.

Arsenin carries a detector, which is little more than a divining rod. That will suffice.



On this minimal planet, there were few insects. Only us, crawling like beetles from distant worlds.


RRT infantry

Uniforms: VMC beige brown + VMC middlestone + VGC black, thick coats painted wet on wet. Heavy wash of AP strong tone, light targeted wash of AP red tone. Both washes possibly thinned with VMC airbrush thinner.

Armour: wet on wet using white, black (?), AP uniform grey, VMC turquoise, also possibly possibly VMC beige brown, VMC dark sand. Light wash of AP strong tone (possibly thinned).


Gimli painted like a spacesuit from Alien

His knees shook, and he was wroth with himself. "Here is a thing unheard of!" he said. "An Elf will go underground and a Dwarf dare not!" With that he plunged in.

Painted with glazes / thin paints, then with washes. Basecoat for the tunic was off-white. Washes were mostly soft tone (but also, at least in parts, VMC beige brown). For the verdigris, over green + white + turquoise basecoat, first was was AP soft tone (over the whole mini, for weathering), the second was AP green tone (only in areas with less light, for shading). Right after came a gold drybrush.


Cravchyk-pattern (3)

Our regiment started with a duty to guard recultivation of crippled worlds, but here we are, producing thermonuclear firearms.


Cravchyk-pattern (2)

Like we said, the Cravchyk-pattern is less powerful and stable than older, more elegant weapons.

We can produce more rifles of this design and we will.

It's not like we can be picky.


Cravchyk-pattern (1)

Two of the Recultivation Regiment's fusiliers armed with plasma rifles.

The recent Cravchyk-pattern rifle is a rudimentary design, prone to failure. It should be assigned to qualified engineers only.


Recultivation Regiment Terminus

"This would end the Siege in a week, with more casualties, but without needing titans, all while not leaving the planet a polluted wasteland"

(paraphrased from an Old Terran dissenter)



The day after his adopted son died, Mirza found out his feelings of affection and anger fade away. Soon enough, he was back to his old self, a perfect warrior, one of many.